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The benefits of laying carpet


Mechanism of the carpet is a modern hi-tech industrial products, fiber products are surface features soft shop. In Europe and the United States and other economically developed society, laying carpet about 60% of all the shop features in China's mechanism of carpets, carpet is the introduction of modern Western technology with advanced synchronous development of mature industries, China's mechanism of carpet products, fully equipped Based on the outstanding achievements of modern science and technology capabilities. Carpet shop compared with other hard-surface features, more practical, art, cheap. In fact, with the function six advantages: 

1, decorative rugs are decorative and practical environment, arts and crafts, but also interior decoration materials, beautifying the environment. As the carpet is rich in pattern and color, you can follow their own unique personal preferences and the overall needs of the environment, such as with walls, furniture, harmony, select the appropriate carpet to create your personalized art space, becoming the master of self-style fashion show elements, will enable you warm in the elegant atmosphere of art, physical and mental pleasure. 

2, acoustic, noise reduction compared to carpets and other floor materials, with excellent sound-absorbing effect, is one of the most effective sound-absorbing materials, able to absorb the room echo noise walls to reduce sound through the ground reflection and transmission, creating a quiet The home environment and office environment. 

3, insulation, thermal conductivity of quality hard flooring carpet material has a thermal nature of the heating form of heating on the ground even with good heat conduction, and increase the warm comfort. 

4, safe, non-slip walking on the carpet, not easy to slip, but also because of the soft carpet flexibility will reduce the possibility of damage due to falls, especially for the elderly and children, can play a role in security. 

5, shock absorption, comfort, step on the soft and resilient carpet, feel wholehearted relaxation, comfort, reduce fatigue, will not be hard on the ground with the soles felt arising from frequent strikes the Fall. 

6, dust, environmental protection, as blanket carpet surface dense velvet for the first structure, the whereabouts of the dust from the air was the first adsorption of the carpet pile, preventing the Fugitive dust, the relative reduction in the amount of dust in the air, and has a balance room temperature, maintaining the role of indoor air clean. 

Mechanism carpet shop has not only hard-obvious features in the above-mentioned advantages, its cost-effective than hard-surface features shops have some advantages. Average prices, regardless of carpet in the high middle and low product, as compared with the same file Rigid Shop features in much cheaper. Mechanism of the carpet is really be called practical, elegant, inexpensive and attractive features in the best shops. 

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