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What should be aware of about carpet in home life


Carpet with insulation, heat insulation, sound-absorbing, soft and comfortable, noble and beautiful features of the ground, decorated one of the main materials. 

(A) of the material classification 

1, pure wool carpets. The main raw material for the coarse wool. 

2, blended carpets. With wool and synthetic fibers such as nylon, nylon woven mixed. 

3, chemical fiber carpet. Type more, there are nylon, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, polyester carpet and so on. 

4, plastic carpet. The main raw material for PVC resin, plus additives are made by agents. 

(B) the weaving Category 

1, hand-woven carpets: woven artificial unification made and elegant, colorful patterns. Used for pure wool carpets. 

2, non-woven carpet: The non-woven fabric manufacturing techniques, namely the raw materials without the traditional spinning process, using the direct method of weaving fabric made. Therefore, the non-woven carpet is no latitude and longitude of the Short-haired carpet weaving, such as needle carpet, carpet glue, etc.. This carpet will be glued to the rubber or hemp hair at the end of substrate. Process is simple, low cost, but the carpet is thin, Jiaogan poor, poor durability and elasticity lease. 

3, Tufting Carpets: The tufting knitting knitting is divided into velvet carpets and loop carpet. Loop carpet weaving in the hair not to cut the circle, the surface circle, the velvet high 5 ~ 10 mm. The pile cutting deal in hand, that is, velvet carpets, villus height of more than 7 ~ 10 mm. 

(C) of carpet styles Classification 

Box carpet, He-shaped rugs, oval-shaped carpet. 

(D) hierarchical classification by the carpet 

1, mild household level. For the infrequently used rooms. 

2, moderate, or mild household-level professional use. Commonly used in the bedroom, dining. 

3, the general household or moderate-level professional use. Used in the drawing room, living room, etc.. 

4, severe household-level or general professional use. Severe wear and tear for the family place. 

5, severe-level professional use. Used in public places.

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