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Carpet Maintenance Knowledge


Proper conservation carpet, helps to maintain a long pile carpet appearance, to extend the life of the carpet. Regularly clean the carpet, is conducive to indoor air clean, reduce the new shape or invisible pollution. Commercial carpet in public places will be based on different use of the environment, human traffic, size, development of carpet maintenance system, there are professionals in their daily maintenance. 
On household carpets should be clean-up of conservation and conservation-based, conservation is a system of preventive maintenance to maintain the carpet, often in an efficient vacuum cleaner carpet to clean up the secondary, timely cleaning carpet stains caused by chance. 
Carpet routine maintenance 
To make a gradual dirty carpet main reasons is that people trampled dirt from outdoor dust, etc., and therefore has room to lay outside the reasonable effects Chu Chen in front of pad, is a good preventive measure, and front pads recurrent clear, can effectively reduce the pollution sources of pollution on the carpet. In addition, it is necessary to use a regular vacuum cleaner that can maximize the removal of carpet in the dust and reduce indoor dust, maintaining good indoor air quality. Average household carpeting, were in circulation is not large, it is recommended at least once a week room cleaning. The living room, corridors, etc., the best vacuum once a day. Conditions each year to hire professional services sector to take advantage Ejector carpet cleaning equipment, cleaning time, the effect will be greater. 
Carpet cleaning stains 
Once clear of serious carpet stains or accidental pollution, should be cleared in a timely manner so as to avoid pollution magnify or transfer. Clean-up of different stains, should be different decontamination agents and measures. 
1, oil-soluble stains (oil, asphalt, paint, cosmetics, cement, shoe polish): dry cleaning fluid, non-oil-based paint solvents, acetic acid acyl, washing liquid, 3% ammonia. 
2, water-soluble stains (beer, cocktails, coffee, fruit juice, cola, soft drinks, tea stains, urine): washing liquid, wet / dry decontamination agent, 5% acetic acid, 3% ammonia, 1% hydrogen peroxide. 
3-food stains (tomato sauce, gelatin, chocolate, butter, egg, ice cream, starch): washing liquid, wet / dry decontamination agent, 3% ammonia, plus enzyme detergent.

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